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Meet Our Drivers

Driver: Mike Lichty
Innerkip, Ontario, Canada
Years in Racing: 14 (11 in supers)
Owner of Raeco Metals Inc.
Career Highlights:
- Worlds Fastest Supermodifed Driver
- 2016 Deleware Speedway Feature Winner
- 2016 Jennerstown Speedway Feature 
- 2016 Oswego Speedway Feature Winner
- 2016 Oswego Speedway Track Record               Time: 14.730
- 2015 Waterford Speedbowl Feature                   Winner
- 2015 Lorain County Speedway Track                 Record Time: 11.798
- 2015 Oswego Speedway Track Record               Time: 14.829
- 2014 Oswego Speedway Feature Winner
- 2013 ISMA Fan Favorite Driver
- 2013 King of Wings Winner
- 2013 Oswego Supernationals Winner
- 2013 Oswego Speedway Track Record               Time:  15.019 
- 2013 Sandusky Fast Friday Winner
- 2013 Stafford Speedway Feature Win
- 2012 ISMA Fan Favorite Driver
- 2012 Stafford Speedway Feature Win
- 2011 King of Wings Winner
- 2011 Two-time Sandusky Speedway
          Feature Winner
- 2011 Oswego Classic Outside Poll
- 2011 Oswego Speedway $1,000 club
- 2010 ISMA Waterford Speedway Feature
- 2009 Two time MSA Feature Winner 
           Sandusky Speedway
- 2008 MSA Sandusky Speedway Feature
- 2006 MSA Mansfield Speedway Feature
- 2004 ISMA Rookie of the Year
- Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Cup TQ Winner
- Baltimore TQ Feature Winner
- Oswego Speedway Fastest Canadian
  Qualifier Award
Driver: Moe Lilje
Residence: Vickery, Oh
Occupation: Sprinkler Fitter
Years in racing: 21 (8 in supers)
Career Highlights:
- 2000 Sandusky Speedway 305 Sprint Car
         Track Champion
- 2 time MSA points runner up
- 6 supermodified feature wins including
    2013 Autodrome Chaudiere Friday night
    winner (First ISMA win)

Congratulations Bobby on your official retirement -what a wild ride it's been!!

Driver: Bobby Dawson
Residence: Amherst, Ohio
Years in Racing: 25+ years
Occupation: Retired
Career Highlights:
- 2012 ISMA Sandusky Speedway Feature
- 2011 MSA Toledo Speedway Feature
- 2011 Two time Sandusky Speedway
          Feaure Winner
- 2008 MSA Lorain County Speedway
           Feature Winner

Reeds Salvage Motorsports

Photo Credits: Robert Clark, Jim Feeney, Bill Taylor, Sue Kells, DB3 Photography, RG Design, & Chris Nicastro

Reeds Salvage Motorsports History

Reeds Salvage Motorsports is a family owned Supermodified race team housed out of Grafton, OH. We are proudly a CAN-AM blended team alongside Patco Transportation Racing based out of Innerkip, ON. We are currently to date are the only Supermodified team in history to have won both the ISMA and MSA Championship titles. Our cars have wheeled their way into Victory Lane on numerous occasions, and have placed in the top 5 in points consistently. We have proven our team is a force to be reckoned with, and over the last few years have substantially stepped up our game to ensure we always reach optimum levels of performance when we hit the track.

Our goal is ultimately win races and let the Championships take care of themselves. We believe in working hard, and playing even harder. During the week our team is extensively preparing and prepping our cars for the show. Come race time, we're ready to play.

Over the years we have employed many drivers, but believe our current team the strongest we have ever had. Our team is constantly creating new innovative ideas, testing the latest and greatest equipment, and most importantly sticking to what we know best - just going racing. 

Reeds Salvage Motorsports 2017 Schedule

 Saturday, May 28th
 Oswego Speedway
 Oswego, NY
 Friday, June 3rd
 Deleware Speedway
 Deleware, ON Canada
 Friday, June 24th
 Lorain County Speedway
Amherst, OH
 Saturday June 25th
 Lorain County Speedway
 Amherst, OH
 Saturday, July 9th
 Oswego Speedway
 Oswego, NY
 Saturday, July 16th
 Jennerstown Speedway 
 Jennerstown, PA
Friday, July 29th
 Sandusky Speedway
 Sandusky, OH
 Saturday, July 30th
 Sandusky Speedway
 Sandusky, OH
 Friday, August 5th
 Lee Speedway
Lee, NH
 Saturday, August 6th
 Waterford Speedbowl
 Waterford, CT
 Saturday, August 19th
 Delaware Speedway
 Delaware, ON Canada
 Friday, September 3rd
 Oswego Speedway
 Oswego, NY

 Saturday, September 4th
Oswego Speedway
 Oswego, NY
 Saturday, October 15th
 Thompson Intl Speedway
 Thompson, CT
Sunday, October 16th
Thompson Intl Speeday
 Thompson, CT

In Loving Memory Of...

Reed's Salvage Motorsports dedicates every moment spent on the track and in the garage to two very special individuals: Donald Reed and "Buddy" Miller. Without their footsteps leading Reed's Salvage down the path they did, our team wouldn't be here today. We thank you for your never ending love, support, dedication, and passion for the sport. Your memories will always live on in the hearts of all associated with Reed's Salvage Motorsports. May you both rest in peace, and godspeed our friends.