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About Us

Who We Are

More than five decades ago, Reeds Salvage opened its doors in the year 1957. It was owned and operated by the founder, Donald Reed, until he suffered a debilitating stroke. It conducted business strictly as a pick-a-part yard until 1998 when current President and CEO, Craig Reed, took over the. When Craig took over operations, he immediately decided he wanted to make Reed’s Salvage much more than just that. Thus began its expansion path to present day operations.

Our services currently include:

                - Scrap Processing & Recycling

                - Courier Drop-Off and Pick-up Services for Scrap Bins

                - Pick-A-Part Services

                - Demolition


Reeds Salvage Corporation is one of the leading salvage companies in the state of Ohio, and has imported and exported our materials throughout: United States, Canada, China, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and regions in South America.


The greatest core competencies at our company are the abilities to capture synergies and motivate an experienced team. Its dynamic corporate vision has allowed the company to reap the benefits offered during strong market conditions and to implement its strategies and best practices to overcome market challenges. The company is not only committed to growing as a business, but also to growing as a member of each community where it operates.


Our objective is to provide quality service to our customers, while staying competitive within the industry and market. We take pride in the business we conduct, and hope you choose to come scrap with us!

Meet Our Owner & President

Craig Reed, is the third generation proprietor of Reeds Salvage Corporation in Grafton, Ohio. He has an extensive history of starting, owning, and operating businesses that center around the scrap, salvage, and auto industries. He was born an entrepreneur.

At the early age of only 5 years old, he started collecting aluminum cans and glass bottles on his own to generate a source of income for himself. Then by the time he was only 12 years old he was already working part-time for his fathers and grandfathers auto salvage yard, better yet known as Reed's Salvage. There he was a taught at a young age what strong work ethic is, and how to make a hard earned dollar. The lessons he learned as a boy served him well through the years, and led him to his first venture into entrepreneurship.

In 1981 Craig started his first business called, Craig’s Corvettes. He operated this business, while also working for a local Shredder Mill and Reeds Salvage. Years later he realized the desperate need for a trucking division at Reeds Salvage in order to haul their scrap to and from the Mill. So he decided to leave his job at the Mill and start his second business venture in 1991 called, C & D Trucking. C & D Trucking exclusively hauled scrap from Reed’s Salvage to Mills in both Cleveland and Canton, Ohio. 

Then in 1995 Craig's father, Donald Reed, unfortunately suffered a severe stroke that left him completely incapacitated. At that point, the future of Reeds Salvage became Craig's number one priority and main focus. Thus resulting in the leveraging of all of his assets, to help further enhance business opportunities at Reeds Salvage.

Craig is the husband of Deanna Reed, and the father of three beautiful children: Ashley, Kyle and Raven. He has dedicated himself fully to his career, family, and passion for racing. He is the proud owner of three Supermodified race cars, which race internationally on asphalt circle tracks of all sizes. Reed's Salvage Racing has proven to be one of the best in the industry winning both ISMA and MSA Championship Titles. Craig's team has gone on to win several prestigious races throughout the years, and continues to dominate in the field in Supermodified Racing.

Photos from left to right:

- Driver Mike Lichty takes home his second King of Wings title at Oswego Speedway, NY.

- Driver Moe Lilje takes home the checkers after his win at Autodrome Chaudiere in Vallée-Jonction, Quebec

- Driver Bobby Dawson wins at Sandusky Speedway, OH.

Photo Credit to: Jim Feeney & Chris Nicastro

Meet Our Vice President

Kyle Reed is the fourth generation successor of the Reeds Salvage Corporation, and is second in command to his father Craig Reed. He has been trained extensively throughout the years in insurance auction buying, scale house operations, machinery operations, and partner relations with fellow companies.  He has always had a presence at the yard ever since he was a small boy, but it wasn't until his father had suffered a severe fractured ankle that he was expected to step up to the plate in managing the corporation. Kyle carried the company through the years of 2011 and 2012, as his father had to take the time off due to surgery schedules and physical therapy. Ever since he has proved himself in the managing position, he has obtained the title of the official Reed's Salvage Vice President. 

Following in his fathers and grandfathers footsteps, Kyle has also acquired a love for the world of racing. He eventually made his first racing debut in a Supermodified race car in the year 2009, driving the #08 for the Reeds Salvage Motorsports team. Kyle raced at race tracks like Sandusky Speedway, and Lorain County Speedway in the Super. He has also raced Go-Karts indoors for Reeds Salvage Motorsports, but has since gone into retirement from racing to focus on work and his family.

Kyle is the husband of Tayler Reed, and father to daughter Kyley Kay Reed. Kyle and Tayler have been happily married since September 6th, of 2014.

Meet Our Manager of Operations, Communication, & Logistics

Raven Reed is the business savvy daughter of Craig Reed, and sister of Kyle Reed. She too grew up living and learning what the scrap industry was about starting at a young age. Through the years she has established a comprehensive understanding for the scrap industry and excels in operation, communication, and logistic management practices.

Raven isn't just your average run-of-the-mill salvage worker, she is also a very accomplished competitor in the pageant industry and currently holds the title of Miss Ohio International. July 31st and August 1st she will compete against women from all over the world for the world renown title of Miss International, proving that beauty is best matched with brains.

She is also extensively active within the community volunteering with numerous different non-profit organizations all over the world. She currently stands as an Ambassador for the LIVESTRONG Foundation, where she uses her efforts and own story to help gain momentum in the fight against cancer.

Naturally because she follows a strong bloodline of racers and race lovers, she too is an avid race fan. Racing not only brings her joy, but it also brought her the love of her life. Raven met her longtime beau, Mike Lichty (driver of the Reed's Salvage & Patco Transportation Supermodified #84), at Sandusky Speedway and the rest was history from there. They have been together for six years and counting.

Photo Credits: Sue Kells, Georgina Vaughn, and Jose Infante

Meet Our Founder

Donald Reed always dreamt of one day owning and operating his own business. He was fascinated by the automobile industry and wanted to turn his love for cars into a profitable way to create revenue for himself. Growing up as a boy he started accumulating scrap metal and scraping junk cars on their family's farm. After he would scrap the cars he wondered what he could do with the tires that were still in good condition, which led him to starting a small business selling used tires.

After peddling tires for a few years and accumulating a large amount scrap on the family farm, he decided he wanted something of a larger scale. So in 1957, he decided to put that plan into action by opening a scrap yard.  This brilliant idea, and his strong sense of motivation became the foundation for what is now known as the Reeds Salvage Corporation.

Don had an endearing love for the world of  racing, and eventually started his own race team. This team consisted of midgets, stock cars, and a Supermodified race car that all went on to win several races throughout the years in all divisions. They traveled to race tracks like: Cloverleaf Speedway, Sharon Speedway, Barberton Speedway, Painesville Speedway, Lorain County Speedway, and Sandusky Speedway. Don's first race car was a midget that raced on Asphalt and was driven by Ben Gunn. After years of successful midget racing, Don decided to take up a new racing hobby and purchase a Late Model which was driven by Kenny Prectel of Columbia Station, OH. They raced at several racetracks across Ohio on both dirt and asphalt tracks, until Don decided to take up one last racing venture as the owner of a Supermodified.

The original Reeds Salvage Supermodified driver was that of the famed Bob Smith, who soon became a lifelong friend of Don. Bob soon after went into retirement from racing, and joined the Reeds Salvage staff. Shortly after driver John Carl joined the Reeds Racing team and went on to race for Don for years, until also going into racing retirement also. The last and final Supermodified driver Don employed was Bob Dawson of Amherst, Ohio. When Don suffered from a severe stroke that left him disabled, he had to give up the joy of working on race cars, but still loved to watch from the sidelines. He was a member of the Midwest Supermodified Association and stayed an avid
race fan until the day he died.

Don sadly passed away on Monday, February 6, 2012 after a sudden illness. Ironically the day he passed was the birth-date of his beloved son, and successor, Craig. Just days before his passing, he had the opportunity to witness Craig's surprise 50th birthday party, where he got to drink beer and reminisce with friends and family about the good old days.

He was the husband of Caryl Reed, and the father of three sons Donald, Kirk, and Craig. He was also the grandfather of nine beautiful grandchildren: Elizabeth, Kirk, Mikey, Ashley, Christopher, Bentley, Kyle, Alyssa, and Raven. Don loved life and lived it to the fullest. He was a man of strong character, and had a heart of gold. He will forever be remembered and missed by us all.

Photos from left to right:

- Bob Smith of Greenwhich, Ohio shows off in victory lane after his impressive win.

- Driver Ben Gunn photographed during a race in Don Reed's original midget.

- Underwood's Sprint car that was under Reeds Salvage sponsorship for years.

Why Us?

Reed's Salvage takes pride in our strong work ethic, and knows how to make a hard earned dollar. We offer fair and competitive pricing, as well as a proper and professional environment while doing so. The credibility of our business has been established throughout the years and has been built upon the foundation of:  positive business relationships with our fellow partners, positive feedback from customers, and positive outreach we have received from our local community.